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Putting eBay’s vast inventory of parts to the ultimate test


This is eBay 'Between 2 Rides,' a 5-episode YouTube series that proved the undeniable difference the right parts and accessories can make from head-to-head trials between modded and stock rides, cementing eBay as the trusted community leader for auto enthusiasts. In partnership with the most influential automotive creators and taking cues from the best automotive YouTube content, the series captivated the community, set new benchmarks with over 1MM hours watched and grew the channel 222K+ subscribers - catapulting eBay from #6 to the #1 most subscribed channel in the category.



Emelia Hartford challenges Cleetus McFarland to race his C5 'Donnie the Drift Car' through America’s Fastest Drive-Thru against competitive eater, Nick Wehry, riding shotgun.

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Emelia Hartford challenges TJ Hunt to outpace a stuntman’s heart rate by taking him on a ride in his heart-pounding M4.



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Emelia Hartford and Hailie Deegan try to outrun Jet.FPV’s dive-bombing drones in a modded Can-Am Maverick X3.


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Emelia Hartford challenges CboysTV to drive a heavily-lifted C60 over a highway of shattered glass and sheet metal.


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Gears and Gasoline and That Dude In Blue face Emelia Hartford in a two vs one relay race between two golden era Hondas and the new Civic Type R. 

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5x Episodes Highlighting eBay's Priority Auto Communities

The series was hosted by builder/racer/actress Emelia Hartford and featured 7x top-tier creator talents (23.9M combined followers) and their modified rides - each one representing eBay’s most business-imperative communities.

Crafted for audience retention, episodes paired creators with inventive challenges, showcasing eBay's pivotal impact on builds.

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Storytelling Made

for YouTube

Drawing inspiration from best-in-class creator content, entire episode structures were meticulously orchestrated to engage viewers within the critical first 30-60-90 seconds using adrenaline-fueled sequences that teased the upcoming challenge, ensuring a

must-watch experience right from the jump.

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Full Funnel Content
Capture Approach

We spent 5 action-packed days on set producing 300+ total assets to maximize Between 2 Rides’ impact – pairing a premium production approach for each episode, alongside ‘run and gun’ iPhone footage for candid & social-first creator promotion. 

Content spanned, their app, press, and organic/paid social – all driving traffic to purchase the parts seen on the series.

BTS Film Production
Shop the Build on Site & App
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Run & Gun Social Capture
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Creator-Led Social
Promotion & Amplification

Episodes got the movie premiere treatment, with creators hyping them up across all platforms. 


Creators incorporated tailor-made YouTube trailers into their regularly scheduled content inspiring their fans to go watch the episodes they were featured in. They further supported the series with community posts and YouTube shorts driving to the long form videos on our channel.


Creators made their own reels about the episodes and collabed on our trailer posts allowing us to tap into their audience and maximize reach and engagement. They also shared links to the episode on their stories, driving direct viewership.


Creators leveraged bespoke teaser videos on TikTok, garnering substantial engagement and positive comments. These allowed us to seamlessly tap into their vast audiences on the platform organically.


Fans Comment and
Praise eBay’s Content

Rocketing to #1
Parts & Accessories Channel

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We didn’t just meet goals; we CRUSHED them. The series went above and beyond, seamlessly blending inventory and fitment with heart-racing storytelling to prove the limitless possibilities of eBay Parts & Accessories.

Over 1 Million

Hours Watched

408% Above Goal


Youtube Channel Subscribers

59% Above Goal

4M 49S


Earned Media Impressions

Average Episode Watch Time

45% More Time Spent
with eBay Than Goal


Total Engagements

+4.6 LIFT

Ad Recall of eBay
from audience baseline


What happened when the cameras and wheels weren’t rolling? Relive the jaw-dropping, heart-racing moments that made Between 2 Rides truly unforgettable by taking a look under the hood of the rides and challenges. 

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