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Virtual access to the world’s
most exclusive cards.

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A towering monolith display welcomed players to our booth as several gaming stations awaited, each with its own Meta Quest Pro. A real-time leaderboard showcased collectors' scores on the monolith screen between gameplay highlights and rare card scans. A special "Looking Glass" augmented reality screen and infinity mirror “Portal” presented holographic looks at high-value, vaulted cards. All of these elements transported collectors into the eBay Vault from the show floor. Additionally, there were several in-person experts available to evaluate fans' cards and assist them in submitting to the eBay Vault on the spot.

By integrating the eBay Vault Trials at two of the nation’s most important trading card collector events, Mint Collective and The National, collectors had the chance to experience the eBay Vault in a way that none of the competition could match.



Through the development of our proprietary photogrammetry pipeline, we successfully scanned 60+ high-value cards worth over $1.5million into the VR experience–taking upwards of 30+ photos from every angle to successfully transfer all the crucial details into virtual reality. Elements such as specular patterns, holographic reflections, and the card’s condition play a vital role in determining the piece's real-world value, particularly for collectors. Therefore, we ensured that collectors could meticulously examine every detail they would typically scrutinize in real life, now within the virtual environment.

Photogrammetry Pipeline
Virtual Representation
Game 1 - Pin the Price

In this game, Players have to use their market analysis skills and knowledge to determine the current value of a card from the Vault. Collectors also learned how to use the eBay Price Guide as it gave them hints of previous market values of the card over the past year.

Game 2 - Snap-Back

The best collectors know all the details. During this game, players are tasked with memorizing a card, and piecing it back together. By determining which minute details are authentic they got to experience the scrutiny cards are put through in the vault by eBay’s Authenticators.

Game 3 - Prized Possessions

Players have to build the highest-value collection by selecting their top five picks from a conveyor belt of cards directly from the Vault. This game showcases the breadth and depth of inventory within the eBay Vault and inspires hobbyists to expand their collections.



To amplify the Vault Trials, we teamed up with Cassius Marsh, Joy Taylor, Bryan Friedman, and more—some of the biggest names in collecting, boasting a combined social following of over 3 million. Across Instagram and TikTok, we activated over 50 assets, inviting collectors to showcase their mastery in the Vault Trials. On-site, creators battled to climb the leaderboard, spurring others at the convention to take on the challenge and surpass their scores.



Submitted to The eBay Vault in 5 days
(88% above deposited goal)

Total Impressions

1,900 cards valued at $25M


4.1 pts Lift


Ad Recall of the eBay Vault

Total Engagements

Thanks for playing!

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